Fisk Allied Science Building

Project Summary

The Fisk University Allied Science Building is a new project near the heart of the central campus that will provide a state-of-the-art new science building. The new building will capture the requirements of the University and imagines the changing needs for the future by providing flexible laboratory space and teaching labs as well as a divisible and multi-purpose auditorium. The project has been envisioned with the assistance of the professors and administration, research of other exemplary science buildings across the country as well as expanding on programmatic and contextual elements provided by the University and the site itself. Some key architectural elements of this project include sculptural and double-height fluid spaces, atrium-like areas, catwalks, and transparency throughout to display the student and faculty work. The building’s architecture marries a dynamic spatial experience with a pragmatic science laboratory and research areas, all serving as demonstrations to passersby and the surrounding campus and community.

Project Fisk Allied Science Building
Services Architecture, Construction
Typology Commercial / Educational
Size 35,500 sq. ft.
Location 1005 16th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208
Complete 2024

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