Guided by a vertically integrated, architect-developer lens, The Bradley Development Group brings expertise deeply rooted in efficient, smarter-growth, high-yield developments. Our focus is on providing unique and progressive architecture for the stakeholders and the communities we serve. Under the leadership of architect-developer Jared Bradley, AIA, NCARB, our team is focused on urban infill projects with an approach to development that encourages a mix of building types and uses, resulting in the construction of diverse housing and transportation opportunities. Our team is dedicated to igniting a passion in development within existing neighborhoods, actively encouraging community engagement.

Capabilities & Services

Our team is well versed in banking, finance, and lending criteria required for various forms of real estate development and understands the economic and legal needs of acquiring property and properly planning for development. These include highest yield and best use of land, negotiating with land sellers, working with legal counsel, understanding municipal codes, responding and adapting to local rules and regulations, building and managing the full development team, consultants, and relationships with local agencies and stakeholders.

Great developments require solid financial understanding. We have deep knowledge of financial analysis and economic factors affecting real estate. We lead development proposals, equity raises, debt sourcing, manage financing, scheduling, and complete development project management. Our work includes investing in and sourcing capital stacks, developing and managing construction budgets and partnership accounts.

Our experience in asset delivery spans from initial capital investments to project stabilization and property management. These developments represent a strategic investment, typically in the form of a long-term strategic plan to increase shareholder return, serve socio-economic needs, enter new markets or gain competitive advantage.

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