In the Studio

Building Together

Superintendent Pierre Choquette and Assistant Superintendent James Prodgeon on site at phase two of Linden Row.

Onsite Collaboration

Superintendent Mark LaVine on site at phase two of Clay Street Commons.

Construction Synergy

Principal Scott DeLano and Superintendent Kevin Launius tour progress on Luna Apartments.

Birds-Eye View of Linden Row Phase Two

Discover the beauty of Linden Row Phase Two from above. These rowhomes redefine living in Nashville, TN.

Building Luna: Behind-the-Scenes Construction Views

Luna is designed for today’s modern renters, striking a balance between vibrant living and peaceful privacy.

Delicious Dining at Ophelia’s Pizza + Bar

Ophelia’s reimagines European dining traditions and brings it to downtown Nashville’s dynamic atmosphere.

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Clay Street Commons Phase Two

Nashville, Tennessee Multifamily/Mixed Use

This new 63-unit multifamily apartment with supporting retail and amenity spaces is an urban infill project located in the heart of North Nashville. The project will help aid the ongoing demand for housing in an urban-fill, smart-growth approach that repurposes under-utilized commercially zoned land for a more dense, mixed-use neighborhood-based development.  


Fisk Student Residential Hall

Nashville, Tennessee Student Housing

Slated for completion in Spring 2024, Fisk University’s new residential hall will meet the rising demand for on-campus housing. The 300-key building features an array of room options, including those that are ADA-accessible. The project also houses a variety of amenity spaces for students, including teaching and student learning labs, as well as recreational space for studying and extracurricular activities.

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