The Bradley Projects is a full-service architectural firm led by Jared Bradley, AIA, NCARB, that focuses on mixed-use, multifamily, transit-oriented urban infill projects and residential, retail, and commercial developments. Licensed in multiple states, The Bradley Projects has a keen understanding of construction and design, generating all facets of the architectural process to its projects with partners, investors, and private clients.

The vertically integrated firm offers consulting services in architecture, urban design, project management, and interior design. Founded on the principles of progressive and thought-provoking design, The Bradley Projects believes that architecture is an art and that all people should have the opportunity to experience it.

Capabilities & Services

The key to every successful project begins with a thorough understanding of the architectural program. To us, the program is far beyond a list of spaces, their sizes, and what they are to be used for. The program is the essential DNA of any three-dimensional inhabited space and must be fully vetted, explored, questioned, and resolved. To generate a successful program requires the participation of not only the architect but also all project stakeholders. The BPI has become a leading expert in developing programs based on our unique consensus-building process, which involves an inclusive, in-depth, and insightful multi-layer discovery process. The result produces a rich, strong foundation and basis for further project development. 

Architects come in all shapes and sizes, from artists to technicians. Architects may gravitate toward the technical or artistic spectrum depending on their comfort level. Yet, architecture occurs at the intersection of these two and requires expertise in both. Our work hinges on developing a conceptual narrative that seamlessly weaves together the program and the context of the project. Architecture is about creating space richly steeped in concepts inspired by the associated context, all while solving complex programmatic issues. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in architecture, no standardized “product.” We’re here to help you bring your ideas to life and create genuine architecture. 

We provide full-service architectural and engineering services, including concept design development, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration. We also offer a wide variety of additional services, including feasibility studies, architectural programming, project management, and coordination with engineering teams to ensure smooth development.

When someone says the word architect, they have probably seen document preparation in their minds. The word architect immediately conjures up the image of someone at a desk, head down, strange tools and devices strewn about, drafting lines on paper that magically turn into blueprints. The BPI has a much more advanced approach to this process, implementing the latest building information modeling (BIM), which produces an interactive three-dimensional model of each project, giving opportunities for a broader perspective of the project before and during construction. 

The BPI is an architecture firm that has collected vast experience in the construction industry. The BPI observes construction for compliance with the contract documents and has developed many techniques to assist in successfully delivering projects over the years. Building from in-depth project base-knowledge, as well as the integration of BIM, gives the BPI the resources required to observe construction, manage issues that may arise during construction, and facilitate other services needed during the project. The BPI has spent years working closely with and alongside construction industry leaders and real estate industry leaders and, as such, has developed a unique perspective on project delivery, which benefits every project our team works on. 

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