Avita Pharmacy

Project Summary

Though Avita Pharmacy’s new Nashville location is smaller in size at 434 square feet, the 28th Avenue project translates the brand’s standards into a new community-centric space. Local architecture firm The Bradley Projects (BPI) and general contractor Certified Construction Services (CCS) proactively worked with the client team to deliver construction phases within specific days and times to ensure the project was completed without delay. This timeline allowed the pharmacy to adhere to required pre-planned inspections by the Board of Pharmacies and the FDA, which could be pushed out for several months if not met on time. Planning, accompanied by continued open lines of communication, was key to coordinating with subcontractors and the client to successfully meet these specific requirements.    The project embodies the BPI and CCS joint mission to positively impact communities through design and construction, further enriching their commitment to serving communities in and around Nashville.

Project Avita Pharmacy
Services Architecture, Construction
Typology Commercial
Size 434 sq. ft.
Location 501 28th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37209
Complete 2023

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